About Us

Association of structural rehabilitation is an association of like‐minded engineers; Who have major in the specialized area of structural rehabilitation with a pledge to work for the common objective of catering to the technical to the technical need in a very tedious field of repair rehabilitation and retrofitting. We are engaged with government bodies, known brands dealing with construction industry, research and development work, consultancies, educational institutions for more than decades. Some are pioneers of structural rehabilitation.

Association of structural rehabilitation is a non-profit organisation established to promote and develop the science of structural rehabilitation. The organisation is engaged in disseminating information, knowledge and practice of efficiency in structural rehabilitation as a basic service to the nation and individual. ASTR conducts seminars, workshops and maintains a library to collect literature’s, films,record and other materials relating to the principles and practice of structural rehabilitation and to afford facilities for the use of the same. The association maintains a national directory for persons concerned with or interested in rehabilitation of building.